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What is LOVE?

Updated: May 21, 2021

The power of love, given to us and have within us.

What does it mean, where does it come from, how do we feel it and why.

Its beyond our comprehension.

Every day is an understanding into something that is not tangible and undefinable.

Love is our anchor, it’s our home. Its our fuel when we are on empty.

It provides healing and transformation.

It gives us hope, strength, inspiration, peace and provides light in the darkest of times.

It give us a feeling of completeness and that’s why we constantly seek for more.

Like the colour of a rainbow, it has many variations. Each variation must be experienced and felt to be understood.

  • Love for a partner

  • Love for a child

  • Love for family

  • Love for your friends

  • Love for your pets

  • Love for your surroundings

  • Love for your soul connections

  • Love for the universe

  • Love for your source

  • the list can go on...

Most importantly, love for one self. This is where the discovery and truth lies and every other kind of love starts to make sense.

Fill your self with an uncontainable amount of LOVE that you feel content even when it is not coming your way.

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