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My Story

my journey 

A mother of two beautiful girls, wife and experienced Yoga Instructor, Meditation Coach and Holistic Therapist, I'm here to help you be who you were meant to be and become the best version of yourself .

My path to yoga and meditation came from my own desire to heal the pain, loneliness, stress and anxiety lying deep within me. A shy girl growing up, feeling of emptiness inside, seeking an understanding and belonging in this world. 

I was introduced to Reiki by my mom at the age of 21, completing the second level and from there on I knew my soul's purpose was to help others.

Having a deep intrigue of the human body and its connection to the mind and soul left me exploring avenues and ways to heal from deep within, find my inner peace, happiness and the meaning of LOVE through spiritual courses, reading books, meditation, Reiki, yoga and the art of breathing..understanding the deeper meaning of life and its purpose.

Today, I feel grateful for the journey and path that I am on, for I can help others in seek of the same.

Since 2001, I have dedicated myself to helping others feel more empowered and fulfilled through healing, yoga and meditation. As I help others, I too heal further for every experience is a lesson in return for me. 

Each and every human being has a beautiful light within themselves, and I can’t wait to connect with you and help your light emerge from within.

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