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Go inside....

We spend so much time in our head, meditation is a practice to find stillness and hear your inner voice. A time you can set aside just for you, to love yourself, quieten the mind and listen to the sound of your own breath.

Regular practices are a means to get to what is hidden underneath all of the stories - the reality of all emotions and thoughts.

It takes you to your purified light of the mind and body. When in contact you begin to learn how to stay in the present moment even outside of meditation practice.

You remain aware of your thoughts and emotions and catch yourself before you go to far and solidify your thoughts into a big story. You still make plans but don't worry about what's going to happen next.

Feeling like you need to quieten your mind, stressed, anxious or disconnected or not sure where or how to start?

Join me for an online session, so we can work together on the best ways to bring you into the present moment and give your thoughts a break. 


The state in which the mind is free from restlessness, individuality, pleasure and pain, and in which consciousness is absolutely motionless like a rock, in the deepest state of concentration, is Samadhi. The state in which there is only Silence is Samadhi.” -

Annapurnopanishad. 1.49-50

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