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Her sessions changed my life. There's a different experience felt at every class and each unique in their own way. Not only is she knowledgeable, helpful, and thorough but she is friendly, warm and a general joy to be around. I suffer from lower back pain due to scoliosis but after few sessions felt stronger and my pain levels improved substantially. I cannot say enough great things about Reena and her teaching methodologies. it simply is fantastic!


Thanks Reena for being such an inspiring and amazing yoga teacher, you have been just so awesome in your lessons and adjusting the lessons to fit our skills and getting us to challenge ourselves. I thoroughly enjoy the lessons and always look forward to the next one.  I can definitely stretch so much further now than what I started with and the breathing exercises have been really great to calm and centre myself from the usual race around. It has helped me unwind easily and I feel so much more relaxed and energised. Thanks Reena for being such a kind lovely soul and sharing these lessons with us, may the primal energy always guide and shine in you


Life has many paths for you and the one you choose determines your destiny. Meeting Reena was fate in more ways than one. Sharing her friendship, her love, her kindness and her positive energy has kept us bonded as sister friends and now my yoga master ;-). What I learnt from Reena has made me a better person, she taught me how to forgive and how to move forward, finding inner peace and loving yourself. She loves from the inside out and whenever I feel I need to be grounded, she is my person! 


Thank you for the wonderful classes! I enjoy the peaceful energy that Reena brings to each class as you can immediately feel it and take yourself into this space when you join and also leave with the same feeling -  Reena does the whole class and ends in the same way!
She also accepts the level you are at in a very unconditional way and is always very welcoming and does not impose anything so that you can enjoy the class at the level you are comfortable with. My lower back, hips and neck love the stretches and my spirit loves the recharge of good energy!


No matter what you feeling, or what's going on in your life, after a yoga class with Reena you are always more composed and relaxed..  the morning classes are a perfect way to start the day, it leaves you feeling so energised and ready to tackle the day ahead..


I have had the pleasure of knowing Reena for over 15 years and her calming nature is a welcome that any student would need. Reena not only adapts every pose to work for everyone in the room, but the pace at which she has structured her classes suits any student at any level. A truly inspiring soul!


When I started Yoga, I was a skeptic. Thanks to Reena and her amazing teaching and technique I am now completely happy to know and be a part of this wonderful Health journey


I hope you found these testimonials helpful. Please be in touch with any questions.

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